4 Pcs Parking Sensor PDC 25994-CM13E/25994CM13E, For Infiniti G25 G37 EX35 QX56 FX50, White

Discover the 4 Pcs Parking Sensor PDC 25994-CM13E/25994CM13E


The 4 Pcs Parking Sensor PDC 25994-CM13E/25994CM13E is a high-quality parking sensor designed specifically for Infiniti G25 G37 EX35 QX56 FX50. It is a direct replacement for the original part and is made from durable metal and ABS plastic. With its white color, it seamlessly blends with the aesthetics of your vehicle.


1. Easy Installation

The reversing radar wiring harness plugs are all molded with the original car plugs, ensuring stability and no impact on plug contact. This makes installation a breeze, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly upgrade your vehicle.

2. Compatibility

To ensure a perfect fit, it is important to check your original part number. You can also consult your local dealer or contact us for assistance. We are here to help you find the right parking sensor for your vehicle.

3. Safety First

While the reversing radar is a helpful assist system, it is important to remember that good driving habits are crucial for safe driving. The parking sensor enhances your awareness and helps prevent accidents, but it should not replace responsible driving.


  • Product Name Type: PDC Parking Sensor
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Material: Metal + ABS Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Package Include: 4 x Parking Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my parking sensor not working?

There are generally 3 reasons for the parking sensor to stop working:

  1. The line problem: Check whether there is a virtual connection or poor contact at the wiring connection.
  2. The radar probe is faulty: Check the probe of the reversing radar.
  3. The hardware of the reversing radar controller is faulty: Check whether the controller itself has any defects or damage.

2. Is the parking sensor compatible with my car?

Please confirm your car model and the OE of the part before purchasing to avoid buying the wrong one. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us for assistance.

3. Do I need to shut off the car before installation?

Yes, it is recommended to shut off the car before installation. The reverse parking sensor is designed with protection circuits and high-quality components, encapsulated with high-quality ABS plastic and sealant, ensuring a longer lifespan.


The 4 Pcs Parking Sensor PDC 25994-CM13E/25994CM13E is the perfect solution for safe and convenient parking. With its easy installation, compatibility with Infiniti G25 G37 EX35 QX56 FX50, and reliable performance, it ensures that you can park your vehicle with confidence. Remember, while the parking sensor is a valuable tool, responsible driving habits are still essential for safe driving. Upgrade your vehicle today and enjoy the benefits of this high-quality parking sensor.