Fishingmad Roving Seatbox with Backpack

Fishingmad Roving Seatbox with Backpack


Are you an avid angler looking for the perfect companion for your fishing adventures? Look no further! The Fishingmad Roving Seatbox with Backpack is here to revolutionize your fishing experience. Whether you prefer fishing on a boat, beach, or riverbank, this versatile seat and tackle box is designed to meet all your needs.

Main Features

Seat Box

  • Dimensions: 38cm x 23cm x 37cm
  • Strong and durable, capable of supporting up to 20 stone in weight
  • Made of high impact plastic, ensuring it won’t break easily
  • Lock down clips for secure storage
  • Carry strap for easy transportation
  • Rubber seat pad for added comfort
  • 4 handy lure compartments in the lid, each measuring 140mm x 75mm x 25mm
  • 60mm deep lid container with compartment separators
  • Large 18 litre main compartment to carry all your fishing equipment


  • Made from heavy nylon for durability
  • 3 zipped pockets and 2 side pockets for convenient storage
  • Incorporated 10mm seat pad for added comfort

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the seatbox lightweight and easy to carry?

Yes, the Fishingmad Roving Seatbox is designed to be lightweight and easily transportable. It comes with a carry strap for added convenience.

2. Can the seatbox accommodate heavy weights?

Absolutely! This seatbox is built to withstand weights of up to 20 stone, making it suitable for anglers of all sizes.

3. How many lure compartments are there in the lid?

The lid of the seatbox features 4 handy lure compartments, each measuring 140mm x 75mm x 25mm. You can easily organize and access your lures.

4. What is the capacity of the main compartment?

The large 18 litre main compartment is spacious enough to carry all the fishing equipment you would need for a day of sport.


The Fishingmad Roving Seatbox with Backpack is the ultimate companion for any angler. Its lightweight design, durability, and convenient storage compartments make it perfect for all types of fishing. Don’t miss out on this essential piece of fishing gear. Order yours today and elevate your fishing experience!