HEXBUG Flash Nano nanotopia – Colorful Sensory Playset for Kids – Build Your Own Playground – Over 130 Pieces and Batteries Included


The HEXBUG Flash Nano nanotopia is the ultimate sensory playset for kids. With over 130 pieces and batteries included, this colorful playset allows children to build their own playground and let their imagination run wild. The Flash Nano nanotopia features three newly designed nanos that light up when in motion, providing hours of fun and excitement. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this innovative toy.


Autonomous Design for Hours of Fun

The Flash Nano nanotopia is designed to provide hours of entertainment for kids. The nanos move at twice the speed, creating a thrilling and fast-paced play experience. Children can watch in awe as the nanos zip through the track, overcoming obstacles and exploring the vibrant playground they have built.

Sensory Toys Powered by Vibration Technology

The Flash Nano nanos are powered by vibration technology, adding an extra sensory element to playtime. The vibrations create a tactile experience, stimulating the senses and enhancing the overall play experience. This makes the Flash Nano nanotopia an excellent choice for children who enjoy sensory play.

Collect and Connect to Build Unique Playgrounds

With over 130 pieces included, children can collect and connect different track pieces to build their own unique playgrounds. The snap-together track pieces make it easy for kids to assemble and customize their playset according to their preferences. This encourages creativity and problem-solving skills as children experiment with different layouts and designs.

Batteries Included

The Flash Nano nanotopia comes with batteries included, so kids can start playing right out of the box. This eliminates the need for additional purchases and ensures that children can enjoy their new toy immediately. The batteries are long-lasting, allowing for extended playtime without interruptions.

Ages 3 and Up!

The Flash Nano nanotopia is suitable for children aged 3 and up. The toy is designed with safety in mind, with no small parts that could pose a choking hazard. This makes it an ideal choice for young children who are just beginning to explore the world of STEM toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the nanos be used on other HEXBUG tracks?

Yes, the nanos included in the Flash Nano nanotopia can be used on other HEXBUG tracks. They are compatible with all HEXBUG track sets, allowing for endless possibilities and expansion.

2. How many nanos are included in the set?

The Flash Nano nanotopia includes three newly designed nanos that light up when in motion. Additionally, four additional HEXBUG nanos are included, providing even more excitement and variety.

3. Are the track pieces easy to assemble?

Yes, the track pieces are designed to be easily snapped together, making assembly a breeze. Children can quickly connect the pieces to create their own unique playgrounds without the need for complicated instructions.


The HEXBUG Flash Nano nanotopia is a colorful and exciting sensory playset for kids. With its vibrant track pieces, light-up nanos, and sensory vibrations, this playset offers hours of fun and entertainment. Children can collect, connect, and construct their own unique playgrounds, fostering creativity and imagination. Suitable for children aged 3 and up, the Flash Nano nanotopia is the perfect toy to introduce young minds to the world of STEM. Get ready for an adventure-filled playtime with the HEXBUG Flash Nano nanotopia!