Hoppa 47Ltr Lightweight Shopping Trolley 2023 model, Hard Wearing & Foldaway for Easy Storage With 1 Years Guarantee

Hoppa 47Ltr Lightweight Shopping Trolley 2023 model, Hard Wearing & Foldaway for Easy Storage With 1 Years Guarantee

The Hoppa Range

Hitting the high street in their thousands, the traditional shopping trolley has come a long way in recent years. As one of the hottest new accessories, a Hoppa Push Trolley provides you with the most comfortable way in which to get your belongings from A to B. Coming in an array of designs and colours, whether you’re young or old, you’ll enjoy the extended shopping stamina you get from shopping with a Hoppa!

Convenient and Stylish

This shopping trolley features an impressive 63L capacity which will ensure that you’ll have enough room to get all your groceries home, plus room for any extra bags such as your handbag or purse.

Made from a Hard wearing and waterproof Polyester microfiber material, you’ll be able to brave all seasons without worrying about your items becoming harmed. A removable top also ensures extra protection from the rain, whilst a sturdy adjustable handle helps you drive whilst also offering you support.

The four wheeled design is ideal for those looking for a walking aid as well as a convenient and easy way in which to transport all your items. Ideal for the elderly or those with restricted mobility.

All Hoppa Shopping Trollies come with a 1 year Guarantee for peace of mind, so if you experience any problems with your item we’ll replace your item right away.

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Features and Benefits

  • Convenient – Our super lightweight Hoppa Shopping Trolley is perfect for both the young and old and offers a safer, more convenient way to shop and travel. It removes the physical strain of carrying your shopping, featuring an easy-to-grab handle and 2 wheels for smooth pulling which makes it ideal for your next adventure.
  • Huge Capacity – Its huge 47 litre capacity ensures that you are not caught out carrying that extra bag during those larger shops. It also features a small zipped pocket at the back of the shopping trolley for quick and easy access to your personal belongings such as purse/ wallet and phone. Weight 1.82Kg, Capacity 47L, Dimension (body) 60x33x24cm (all parts) 80x33x24xcm.
  • No More Carrier Bags – How many times have you set off for the supermarket only to get there and immediately remember the bag for life that is still sitting on your kitchen counter? Once you have experienced the ease of shopping with our Hoppa shopping trolley, you certainly won’t be forgetting this in a hurry (not to mention you’ll be doing your part for the environment by eliminating single use plastic!).
  • Easy Storage & Click Wheels – Simply click the wheels off of the shopping trolley to fold the base up for quick and easy storage (please note, colour of the wheels may vary). The bag can also be easily removed for cleaning purposes.
  • Designed to Last – Our Hoppa shopping trolley is shower resistant using enduring Polyester microfibre material to ensure durability even through those rainy British winters. It features a convenient drawstring closing which is hidden by an additional cover to provide extra protection for your shopping. For extra peace of mind, Hoppa offer a 1 year guarantee replacement service covering all manufacturing defects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the shopping trolley easy to maneuver?
  2. Yes, the Hoppa shopping trolley features 2 wheels and an adjustable handle, making it easy to maneuver and control.

  3. Can I remove the bag for cleaning?
  4. Yes, the bag can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

  5. What is the capacity of the shopping trolley?
  6. The shopping trolley has a capacity of 47 litres, providing ample space for your groceries and personal belongings.

  7. Is the shopping trolley waterproof?
  8. Yes, the shopping trolley is made from a hard wearing and waterproof Polyester microfiber material, ensuring that your items stay protected even in rainy weather.


The Hoppa 47Ltr Lightweight Shopping Trolley is the perfect accessory for your shopping needs. With its convenient design, large capacity, and durable construction, it offers a comfortable and reliable way to transport your belongings. Say goodbye to carrying heavy bags and hello to the ease of shopping with a Hoppa!