KosmoCare Electric Bed Back Support for Bed

KosmoCare Electric Bed Back Support for Bed


The Electric bed back support helps the user to transform their bed into an adjustable bed. At the push of a button, the user will sit or lie down on the mattress. It can also be used on a double, queen or king size bed. The electric back support can be easily adjusted. The bed back support is easy to operate, quiet during use and allows sitting angles up to 60掳. Adjustable to your ideal, comfortable height by the press of a button supporting the upper back, lumbar back and neck regions.

Main Features

Independent Mobility Aid

The Electric Bed Back support allows the patient to sit up in bed independently, eliminating their dependency on caregivers. Its unique width adjustment features cater to people with different physical builds. It is intended to help patients who spend most of their time in bed and have limited body movement, such as the elderly, disabled, and post-operative patients.

Handy Remote Control

The remote control helps raise the back from 3 degrees to 60 degrees, making it easier for people to sit up, eat, read, or rest. The Back lifter is designed to keep your spine in a neutral stress-free position. It is adjustable to your preferred level, supporting your neck and back. This unique bed backrest raiser is able to stop individual episodes of habitual snoring without reducing the subjective sleep quality.

Premium Steel Frame

Carefully polished cold-rolled steel, thick and durable, with high strength and high wear resistance. It has good performance and at the same time has beauty and a long service life. The mattress fixing straps prevent the mattress from slipping, thus eliminating discomfort while sleeping or in a sitting position.

Comfortable and Convenient

It can be used on a single bed or 1/2 of a double bed, which is very suitable for the elderly, the disabled, and those who have recovered from surgery or injuries. Its lightweight foldable design makes storage easier and can be moved to different rooms at any point in time.

Easy Installation

The Electric Bed back support can be used directly on the original bed. The maximum user weight is 100 kgs. The maximum user width is 43 inches (1100 mm).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Electric Bed Back Support be used on any type of bed?

Yes, it can be used on a single, double, queen, or king size bed.

2. Is the bed back support easy to operate?

Yes, it is easy to operate with the push of a button.

3. Can the bed back support be adjusted to different sitting angles?

Yes, it can be adjusted to sitting angles up to 60掳.

4. What is the maximum user weight and width?

The maximum user weight is 100 kgs and the maximum user width is 43 inches (1100 mm).


The KosmoCare Electric Bed Back Support is a versatile and convenient solution for transforming your bed into an adjustable bed. It provides independent mobility aid for the elderly, pregnant women, and bedridden patients. With its handy remote control, premium steel frame, and comfortable design, it offers a comfortable and stress-free sitting experience. The easy installation makes it a practical choice for anyone in need of a bed back support. Improve your comfort and quality of life with the KosmoCare Electric Bed Back Support.