MEATER Plus | The Ultimate Wireless Meat Thermometer

MEATER Plus | The Ultimate Wireless Meat Thermometer

Are you tired of overcooking or undercooking your meat? Do you want to achieve perfectly cooked meals every time? Look no further than the MEATER Plus, the 50m long range smart wireless meat thermometer that will revolutionize your cooking experience.

Monitor Your Cook with Ease

Gone are the days of constantly checking your meat while it cooks. With the MEATER Plus, you can monitor your cook from your phone, tablet, Alexa, computer, or even over Bluetooth and WiFi. The MEATER app, available for iOS and Android devices, allows you to keep an eye on your meat’s temperature and cooking progress without having to be in the kitchen.

50m Long Range Model

Unlike other meat thermometers on the market, the MEATER Plus offers an impressive 50m wireless range. This means you can monitor your cook even if you’re outside grilling or smoking your meat. No more running back and forth between the kitchen and the grill – simply connect to the MEATER Cloud and enjoy the freedom to move around while your meat cooks to perfection.

2 Sensors, 1 Probe

The MEATER Plus is equipped with dual temperature sensors that can monitor both the internal meat temperature and the ambient/external temperature simultaneously. With a temperature range of up to 100°C for the meat and 275°C for the environment, you can rest assured that your meat will be cooked to perfection every time.

Guided Cook System

Not sure how long to cook your meat? The MEATER Plus has got you covered. Its guided cook system walks you through every step of the cooking process, ensuring that you achieve perfect and consistent results. You can also set up custom alerts and notifications based on temperature and/or time, so you’ll never miss the ideal moment to take your meat off the heat.

Advanced Estimator Algorithm

Managing your time and planning your meal has never been easier. The MEATER Plus features an advanced estimator algorithm that can estimate how long to cook and rest your food. This allows you to plan your meal accordingly and ensures that everything is ready to be served at the same time.

  • No more overcooked or undercooked meat
  • Monitor your cook from anywhere
  • 50m long range for outdoor cooking
  • Dual temperature sensors for accurate readings
  • Guided cook system for perfect results
  • Advanced estimator algorithm for efficient meal planning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the MEATER Plus compatible with my device?

A: The MEATER Plus is compatible with iOS devices running version 12.2.0 and later, as well as Android devices running version 8.0 and later.

Q: Is the MEATER Plus easy to clean?

A: Yes, the MEATER Plus is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after each use.

Q: Can I use the MEATER Plus for other types of cooking?

A: Absolutely! The MEATER Plus is perfect for use in the oven, grill, kitchen, BBQ, smoker, and rotisserie. It’s a versatile tool that will elevate your cooking skills.


Say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked meat and hello to perfectly cooked meals every time with the MEATER Plus. Its 50m long range, dual temperature sensors, guided cook system, and advanced estimator algorithm make it the ultimate wireless meat thermometer for all your cooking needs. Order your MEATER Plus today and take your cooking to the next level!