Plain Grey 100% Cotton Fabric for Quilting, Sewing, Dressmaking, Arts & Crafts

Plain Grey 100% Cotton Fabric for Quilting, Sewing, Dressmaking, Arts & Crafts

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein


Are you a creative soul looking for the perfect fabric to bring your ideas to life? Look no further! Our plain grey 100% cotton fabric is the ideal choice for all your quilting, sewing, dressmaking, arts, and crafts projects. With its soft texture, durability, and versatility, this fabric will inspire you to create masterpieces.

Why Choose Our Plain Grey 100% Cotton Fabric?

1. High-Quality Material

Our fabric is made from 100% pure cotton, ensuring the highest quality and comfort. It is soft to the touch, making it perfect for clothing items, baby blankets, and quilts. The fabric is also breathable, allowing for better airflow and comfort.

2. Versatility

Whether you’re a seasoned quilter, a fashion enthusiast, or a DIY lover, our plain grey cotton fabric is a must-have. It can be used for a wide range of projects, including quilts, clothing, home decor, accessories, and more. Let your imagination run wild and create unique pieces that reflect your personal style.

3. Wide Width

Our fabric is 60 inches wide, providing you with ample material to work with. This means fewer seams and more freedom to create larger projects without any limitations. Say goodbye to piecing together small fabric scraps and hello to seamless designs.

4. Easy to Work With

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, our fabric is easy to handle and sew. It has a stable weave, making it less prone to fraying and unraveling. The fabric also holds its shape well, allowing you to create precise and professional-looking projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the fabric pre-washed?

A: No, the fabric is not pre-washed. We recommend washing it before use to remove any sizing or shrinkage.

Q: Can I machine wash the fabric?

A: Yes, our fabric is machine washable. We recommend using a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent to preserve its color and quality.

Q: Does the fabric shrink after washing?

A: Cotton fabric may shrink slightly after the first wash. We recommend pre-washing the fabric to minimize any shrinkage.

Q: Can I use this fabric for quilting?

A: Absolutely! Our plain grey cotton fabric is perfect for quilting. Its softness and durability make it an excellent choice for creating cozy quilts that will last for years.


Unleash your creativity with our plain grey 100% cotton fabric. Whether you’re quilting, sewing, dressmaking, or indulging in arts and crafts, this fabric is the perfect companion for your projects. With its high-quality material, versatility, and easy handling, you’ll be able to bring your ideas to life with ease. Order now and let your imagination soar!