Shop4Mailers 19 x 24 Glossy White Poly Bag Mailer Envelopes 2.5 Mil (50 Pack)

Shop4Mailers 19 x 24 Glossy White Poly Bag Mailer Envelopes 2.5 Mil (50 Pack)

Are you looking for high-quality poly bag mailer envelopes to ship your products? Look no further! Shop4Mailers offers a pack of 50 glossy white poly bag mailer envelopes, measuring 19 x 24 inches and made of 2.5 mil material. These envelopes are perfect for shipping and protecting your products.


Glossy White Design

The glossy white design of these poly bag mailer envelopes adds a professional touch to your shipments. It gives your packages a clean and sleek appearance, making a great impression on your customers.

Durable and Protective

With a thickness of 2.5 mil, these envelopes provide excellent protection for your products. They are resistant to tears, punctures, and moisture, ensuring that your items arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Convenient Packaging

The pack includes 50 envelopes, providing you with a sufficient quantity for your shipping needs. The envelopes are neatly packed and easy to store, saving you space in your warehouse or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these envelopes be used for international shipping?

Yes, these poly bag mailer envelopes can be used for both domestic and international shipping. They are designed to meet the requirements of various shipping carriers.

2. Are these envelopes recyclable?

Yes, these envelopes are made of recyclable materials. They can be recycled through appropriate recycling programs.

3. Can I write on these envelopes?

Yes, these envelopes have a smooth surface that allows you to write or print labels directly on them. You can easily customize them with your logo, address, or any other necessary information.


Shop4Mailers 19 x 24 Glossy White Poly Bag Mailer Envelopes 2.5 Mil (50 Pack) are the perfect solution for your shipping needs. With their glossy white design, durability, and convenient packaging, these envelopes provide both protection and a professional appearance. Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, these envelopes will ensure that your products arrive safely and in style. Order your pack today and experience the difference!