MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R: Enhance Your Dodge Ram Pickup with a 3-inch Front and 2-inch Rear Lift Kit


Are you looking to give your Dodge Ram Pickup a boost in both style and performance? Look no further than the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R. This innovative lift kit is designed to provide a 3-inch lift in the front and a 2-inch lift in the rear, giving your truck an aggressive stance and improved ground clearance. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R and why it is the perfect choice for your Dodge Ram Pickup.

Key Features of the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R

1. Enhanced Ground Clearance

With the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R, you can say goodbye to scraping the bottom of your truck on uneven terrain. The 3-inch front and 2-inch rear lift provide ample ground clearance, allowing you to navigate off-road obstacles with ease.

2. Improved Off-Road Performance

If you’re an off-road enthusiast, the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R is a game-changer. The increased ride height not only enhances ground clearance but also improves approach and departure angles, making it easier to conquer challenging trails.

3. Aggressive Stance

Give your Dodge Ram Pickup a head-turning look with the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R. The lifted suspension creates an aggressive stance, making your truck stand out from the crowd.

4. Easy Installation

The MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R is designed for a hassle-free installation. With the included hardware and detailed instructions, you can have your lift kit installed in no time, without the need for any specialized tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R affect my truck’s ride quality?

A: The MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R is engineered to maintain the factory ride quality of your Dodge Ram Pickup. You can enjoy the benefits of a lifted truck without sacrificing comfort.

Q: Can I install larger tires with the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R?

A: Yes, the increased clearance provided by the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R allows for the installation of larger tires, giving your truck an even more aggressive look.

Q: Is the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R compatible with my Dodge Ram Pickup?

A: The MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R is specifically designed for compatibility with Dodge Ram Pickups. It is compatible with various models and years, ensuring a perfect fit for your truck.


If you’re looking to enhance the performance and appearance of your Dodge Ram Pickup, the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R is the perfect solution. With its 3-inch front and 2-inch rear lift, improved ground clearance, and easy installation, this lift kit is a must-have for any truck enthusiast. Upgrade your Dodge Ram Pickup today and experience the difference the MotoFab Lifts DR-3F-2R can make.